5 Reasons to Buy an ILEC Franchise in 2022

Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching is poised to become the go-to name in executive leadership coaching. Here’s why experienced executives are joining ILEC, and why now is the perfect time.

Led by world-renowned speaker and leadership coach John MattoneIntelligent Leadership Executive Coaching (ILEC) is helping build better leaders globally. With 15 active coaches and a goal of reaching 80 by the end of 2023, ILEC is poised for rapid growth to meet the growing leadership-coaching demand in a post-pandemic world.

“I’m excited about our franchisees,” said Mattone. “These are talented people that come out of the executive world, so they have the pedigree. They have authenticity and credibility. So when we teach them how to become executive coaches and get them certified, they can change the world. I think we’ve assembled a great 15 people so far, and the sky’s the limit.”

Whether it’s because they’ve been forced out of their executive roles due to the pandemic or they’re a part of the Great Resignation, experienced former executives are turning to ILEC to begin a new chapter in their lives and careers by starting their own executive leadership coaching businesses. Here are a few reasons why.

Proven and Proprietary Tools and Assessments

Mattone first developed his proprietary Intelligent Leadership® philosophy more than a decade ago with the goal of helping executive coaches make a real difference in solving the global leadership problem. In 2019, he partnered with the visionary founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source®, Terry Powell, to bring his philosophy to the masses by creating ILEC.

ILEC is grounded in Mattone’s proven method, which includes the key differentiator of being able to measure return on investment for its clients.

Many organizations have difficulty measuring leadership development because it’s largely subjective. Results are generally intangible.

“People don’t really invest in coaching,” says Mattone. “They invest in results.”

Mattone developed a proprietary tool called the Leader Watch Report, which actually measures results and shows the ROI in coaching by way of leadership improvements, operating success and other metrics. Providing data-driven results through its proprietary assessments, ILEC provides tremendous value not only to its clients but to its coaches as well.

“We take all the pressure off of the coach to try and force that subjective ROI,” said Trevor Maloney, Growth Strategist at ILEC. “We actually turn it into something tangible. So the entire process is set up to where we guarantee our clients are going to see a result. That’s the biggest thing holding many coaches back, and we solve that.”

This allows ILEC to guarantee that their coaches will get results 100% of the time.

A Virtual Business Model That Maximizes Global Impact

ILEC coaches can coach from anywhere in the world. There are no territories. It’s designed this way because being former executives themselves, many ILEC coaches have large circles of influence that span the globe. Not being confined to a brick-and-mortar office, or even a geographic territory, allows them to work within that network and expand it, maximizing both their profitability and the impact they can make on leaders globally.

“We’re able to make a huge global impact,” said Sheri Winesett, Strategic Brand Champion and Integrator at ILEC. “It’s like, John [Mattone] always says, ‘Our vision is to help as many leaders as we can become the leaders that they must.’ He’s so adamant about that, and this structure gives our coaches the freedom to be able to change the world.”

A High-Net-Profit (and Fulfilling Lifestyle) Business

Because of the virtual model and low operating expenses, being an ILEC coach is a high-net-profit business. But it’s also a unique lifestyle opportunity. ILEC coaches are tasked with helping solve the issues that face organizations and individual leaders every day, and they do it without having to be in a corporate environment themselves — which, for many executives who have just left a corporate environment, is a welcome lifestyle upgrade.

Then there’s the impact of being an ILEC coach — doing fulfilling work that serves a greater purpose and allows one to contribute to the world in a meaningful and positive way.

“When I work with a client, there’s nothing better than seeing that breakthrough,” said Maloney. “There’s nothing better than seeing that your insights, solutions and coaching process that you’re deploying are actually helping them become more confident, capable and committed to the work that they do every single day. And when you see those results, it’s really awesome.”

For ILEC coaches, the ability to run their own businesses, share their knowledge and experiences, earn a great living and inspire people in the process is an opportunity that checks all the necessary boxes.

The Need for Executive Leadership Coaching Is Higher Than Ever

In a post-pandemic world and amid the Great Resignation, more and more organizations are seeing huge gaps in their leadership succession plans. And with many experienced executives either having been let go in favor of younger, cheaper talent or having gone into early retirement due to an uncertain economic climate, more millennials are being thrust into leadership positions before they’re ready.

The result is a wave of underprepared and overwhelmed young leaders, many of whom are left to wonder if they want to be in leadership roles at all.

Meanwhile, the experienced leaders who are sticking around are struggling to adjust to the virtual structures of remote work and hybrid workplaces. Leading from afar requires a different set of skills — ones these older leaders never had the need to develop.

“In today’s world, organizations and individual leaders are in dire need of a support system,” said Maloney. “So the market is continuing to show that executive coaching and leadership development programs are going to continue to trend upward.”

In this post-pandemic world, leader retention is more important than it’s ever been. Companies are feeling the pressure to reduce turnover, and they’re turning to executive leadership coaching to educate and build up their young leaders.

A Turnkey Business with Generous Franchisee Support

ILEC is a great business for a first-time business owner — which the bulk of ILEC’s coaches are — due to its simplicity and robust franchisee support system. ILEC franchisees don’t have to start a business from scratch. The brand provides all marketing collateral, marketing strategy, branding and national public-relations opportunities, on top of thorough training and education in the proven and proprietary Intelligent Leadership® philosophy.

The brand also provides an onboarding process in which they help franchisees create a business development plan and assist with initial outreach to build a network of prospects. There’s a five-day certification training before the franchisee enters the first 90 days of launching their business, during which they work weekly with a franchise business coach to keep them on track. After the first 90 days, the brand will do a full audit of the franchisee’s business to find out where they need help and course-correct, if necessary.

ILEC even does the client invoicing for its coaches because it doesn’t want them to get caught up in all the administrative minutiae. Contracts, invoicing — it’s all automated through the brand’s CRM because ILEC wants its coaches to focus on the fun part of running their business: coaching.

“The franchise system gives you the systems and the support to build the business,” said Winesett. “I’m really invested in the franchisees. I just really want them to be successful. I mean, this is their dream. I want ILEC to be a vehicle for them to achieve that, because if they’re doing what they love, then the global impact we know we can have will naturally follow.”

Franchise opportunities range from $113,340 to $124,090 to become an Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching coach. To learn more about franchising with ILEC, visit https://ilecfranchise.com/.

About Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching (ILEC)

Established in 2010, Co-Founder John Mattone is globally recognized as the world’s No. 1 authority on Intelligent Leadership (IL), the world’s top executive coach, and the pioneer of the unique, powerful and game-changing Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching® blueprint for success. Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching® (ILEC) is the world’s top executive coaching franchise backed by co-founders Terry Powell’s nearly 40 years of franchising success. ILEC leadership executive coaches are dedicated to growing leaders, building cultures, and driving results. The ILEC unique coaching methodology provides a proven philosophy, system and tools to empower leaders and future leaders to unlock and unleash leadership potential. ILEC clients benefit from a high ROI that delivers real results.

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