7 Leadership Tips from ILEC’s Scott Johnson


Scott Johnson, of Fredericksburg, Va., is one of the newest Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching master coaches. Prior to joining our ILEC family, Johnson proudly served 27 years in the U.S. Coast Guard. He was stationed in all four corners of the United States – from Yorktown, Virginia to Anchorage, Alaska, and Monterey, Calif. to Washington, D.C. In his role, Johnson held leadership positions in Coast Guard operations, engineering management, workforce management and national program management  – eventually achieving the rank of Captain in 2017.


Upon his retirement from the U.S. Coast Guard, Johnson took the opportunity to delve further into the entrepreneurial world – a place he’d frequently considered during his time in the service. “I always felt like I’d become my own boss someday,” stated Johnson. “Over the years, I’d considered several different business ideas and explored their feasibility.” He signed up for a career transition program – “Boots to Business,” which is run by the U.S. Small Business Association (SBA). There, his instructor soon became his mentor, guiding him to the franchising industry. Together, they explored concepts that matched up with Johnson’s strengths and interests.


One of the three final business concepts was ILEC, as Johnson was naturally drawn to the leadership aspect of the business model. He also appreciated the level of training and support provided by the ILEC team, important to Johnson considering his lack of a classical business management background. “ILEC was a natural fit for me, but I couldn’t have imagined a way to marry my experience with a business ownership opportunity that aligned so well with my strengths when I first began,” he noted.


Scott brings a unique perspective, both to ILEC and its target audiences, with his take on seven leadership tips.


7 Leadership Tips

We asked Scott Johnson for seven leadership tips that he recommends for himself, as well as his ILEC clients. Here is the advice that made the cut:


Lead With Humility

Pride impedes growth and is an enemy of progress. Humility through a servant leadership style means putting others before ourselves, committing to helping others, and employing the power of empathy in our everyday lives



A good vision for the future starts with a personal core purpose statement, which integrates your passions and strengths. When you have your vision, project it to others in a way that makes it resonate. People want to be connected to a higher purpose than just their profession


Pursue Intentional Growth

Leadership embodies change. Without change, there is no leadership. Be proactive in shaping your environment – instead of the other way around. Make progress, or excuses, but never both. Be willing to fail before you succeed and be intentional with personal – as well as business – growth


Seek Feedback

Real leaders seek non-biased outside perspectives for feedback. Always be willing to learn and grow


Be Inspiring

Set a positive tone by becoming inspirational to others. Get involved and give others a reason to be inspired themselves


Practice Effective Communication

Learn to become a vulnerable leader and strive to maintain transparency in all communications


Get Your Rest

You’re not Superman and Lois Lane doesn’t need saving every day of the week. Set boundaries for down time and stick to them, so that you can be available for those you love and care about the most. Fatigue leads to foolishness.


If you’ve been considering a career transition to something more entrepreneurial, Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching can help you get established as the owner of a business of your own. Our training and support, conducted in concert with following our proven business model, could be a winning combination and transitional strategy needed to launch the next chapter of your executive career. If you truly want to “approach the power to coach,” get in touch with ILEC today and let’s talk about what’s possible!


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