Are You a Fit for a New Career as an ILEC Franchise Owner?

Something incredible is happening in the employment world, a phenomenon never before seen that’s changing the dynamic between employer and employee. The most common moniker is “The Great Resignation”, though some have begun to refer to it as the “Great Reprioritization”. Whatever the nomenclature, it appears a great deal of the American workforce has had it up to here and isn’t shy about exploring other career options.


Thanks to a deep and profound sense of reflection in their own lives, more and more employees are on a quest to do something much more fulfilling that brings them happiness, and a better work-life balance. Perhaps you’re among them?


Are you a fit for a new career as an ILEC franchise owner? Ever wondered if you’d make a great executive business coach? Ever thought about how your life might change if you were in business for yourself instead of others? If so, our latest blog delves into what makes a good executive business coach. As you review, determine whether your background, your personality, and your ambition might make you a suitable candidate to investigate the ILEC franchise opportunity.


The How

On our requirements page, we list seven particular characteristics that fit well with owning and operating our business model. Posed as questions, imagine this being part of your new job interview:


  • Are you a successful and experienced corporate leader who’s looking for the next “chapter” of their professional life?
  • Do you have 10+ years of experience as a middle manager or at the senior executive level?
  • Do you have a vision and passion for selfless service to others?
  • Are you a diligent and organized individual?
  • Do your communicative skills include resilience, patience, and presence?
  • Could you confidently invest in your own worth?
  • Do you possess an entrepreneurial mindset?


If you answered yes to the majority of these questions, you have the base level requirements for becoming an Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach and franchise owner. This is the How.


The Why

Having the characteristics that lend themselves to a new career in executive coaching is important, but you also want to be sure the business opportunity is relevant. Fortunately, the executive coaching industry is a $2 billion global revenue generator, ensconced in a rapidly growing industry. The need for executive coaching services to develop the next generation of workforce leaders is high, but the supply of certified coaches is still very much in demand. Did you know that people conducted over 1.5 million online searches for suitable executive coaches? Or that 25-40% of Fortune 500 companies spend upwards of $1billion annually in the U.S.? This is the Why.


If you’ve been considering a change—especially a more entrepreneurial one—for your future, Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching can help you get established as a franchise business owner. Our training and support, conducted in concert with following our proven business model, could be a winning combination and transitional strategy needed to launch the next chapter of your executive career. If you truly want to “reach for the power to teach”, get in touch with ILEC today and we’ll arrange an introductory discovery call to discuss your personal situation.

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