Celebrating Our Team’s Growth One Year After Launch

As we move into Q2, we’re taking a moment to reflect on the success and growth we have had since launching during the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2020. We are grateful for the trailblazers who have joined us at Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching® (ILEC) and want to introduce you to our passionate and experienced executive coaching team. 

Ronny Shumaker brings 20 years of experience in healthcare operations and leadership to the ILEC team. He loves that executive coaching with ILEC provides him with the opportunity to influence and assist leaders from all industries instead of being limited to helping leaders at a singular company.

Ronny Shumaker

“After my first interaction with the ILEC team, I knew this would be an excellent opportunity to share my desire, knowledge and passion for leadership with others,” said Ronny. “I am excited to use the knowledge I have gained from my past experience combined with the powerful Intelligent Leadership coaching model to have a positive influence on business leaders across all industries. Hopefully what I can share will have a positive impact on many.”

We also welcomed Jeremy Gustafson, a lifelong entrepreneur and a prime mover in growing many small-to-medium-sized businesses immensely when he came on board. He also has expertise in the areas of global digital transformation and leading go-to-market strategies.

Jeremy Gustafson 

“I am extremely excited to be joining ILEC — it’s definitely the logical next step for my life and career,” said Jeremy. “Coaching, leading and teaching have always come naturally to me, and I’m ready for what’s next in this new chapter. I can’t wait to make a positive impact in others’ lives!”

Dirk W. van der Vaart also joined the team, bringing 30 years of knowledge from the defense and security industry as well as experience in executive, operations and business development roles. 

Dirk W. van der Vaart

“I’m excited to own a business that is perfectly aligned with my purpose — to help others grow in their leadership roles and skillsets,” said Dirk. “I know I’ll truly enjoy being a part of the leadership journey for so many individuals at different career levels. This will definitely be a rewarding new path for me!”

Donna Tarantino, a beauty and fashion industry powerhouse, recently joined the ILEC team. Donna feels passionately that the corporate system is broken and that executive leadership is the best way to fix it. She also hopes to use the skills she’s gained throughout her career to elevate more women to positions of leadership. 

Donna Tarantino

“I started with an entry level job and moved up,” Donna said. “It’s important that people are treated equally and fairly in the marketplace.  In the beauty and fashion business, there are definitely more women climbing the ladder, but there is still not enough of them in leadership. I want to see more women in leadership roles and diversity in the workplace.”

Rich Baron joins the team with 20 years of experience as a GM and a passion for helping others. Rich has found success in leading, executive coaching, and developing employees at all levels throughout his career and is excited to focus his passion on coaching as an ILEC executive coach. 

Rich Baron

“My wife and I are extremely excited to be a part of the ILEC family,” said Rich. “The opportunity to build a business around being a coach and taking ownership of my career is a dream come true for us. I could not be happier with our decision to join ILEC.”

Globe-trotting John Burt joins the ILEC team after 36 years serving in a variety of leadership roles in the consulting services industry, where he helped leaders all over the world ignite their passions and increase their professional performance. 

John Burt

“I am extremely excited to be joining ILEC,” John said. “I want to share my experience and passion with individuals that want to be better leaders, to help leaders grow and unlock their full potential, and to enable leaders to ignite their passion and connect with their inner strengths to achieve a new level of performance.”

Husband and wife duo John and Kristi Hope joined the team and also formed ILEC’s very first coaching firm, Leading with Hope. John brings years of experience as a leader within the military, while Krisi held a variety of prestigious roles throughout the defense industry before joining ILEC.

John Hope
Kristi Hope

“John and I are excited to begin this next chapter in our lives by joining the ILEC family,” said Kristi. “ILEC offers us an opportunity to work together in our adopted hometown doing something we’re passionate about and enable us to pay forward the knowledge and lessons we’ve learned in our careers to the leaders that we’ll be coaching.” 

Dennis Spoonhour joins ILEC as the first new addition to the Leading with Hope ILEC franchise, bringing with him over four decades of extensive leadership experience in sales management roles. 

Dennis Spoonhour

“It’s an honor beyond words to join the team that John and Kristi have built,” Dennis said. “Being able to put my knowledge and experience into action in the service of some of the nation’s top executives is an opportunity that I relish. Not only are John and Kristi among my closest friends, but they have the skills and vision needed to make a lasting impact on the professional development of our country’s business leaders.”

As other businesses continue to grapple with the challenges of running their organizations virtually, ILEC is thriving and expanding, as we’ve always been a virtual businessrecognize the benefits of such a model, and know how to thrive in such an atmosphere. 

We’d like to give one last warm welcome to our trailblazing coaches. If you’re interested in joining our passionate and growing executive coaching team, learn more about the ILEC franchising opportunity and how you can run your own leadership executive coaching business.

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