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Coaches Who Love Their Careers

At Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching® (ILEC), we measure our achievements through the success and happiness of our clients. We’d like to highlight Dirk W. Van Der Vaart, a former coaching client that was so ignited by his coaching experience that he became a coach himself!

Dirk has a successful career spanning three decades in an industry he loved, achieving titles such as director, COO and president before his company underwent a reorganization that placed him at odds with the direction the company was moving in. 

“That voice in the back of my mind was screaming that this wasn’t what I was meant to do,” Dirk said, “that I MUST do something different.” 

After a great deal of internal debate and frustration, Dirk orchestrated a graceful exit and spent his newfound free time thinking, “now what?” 

This is when Career Ownership Coach® Steve Healey reached out and offered to work with Dirk. Dirk agreed, and Steve spent the next few weeks helping him form a new vision for himself and determine the life he wanted to be living. 

“I realized that being an employee, no matter how highly placed or how highly compensated, was never going to fulfill my vision.” Dirk said. “As Steve and I worked through that realization, we explored various paths to owning a business.”

Dirk and Steve spent weeks discussing different business options, and Dirk gradually began to realize that the deep calling he’d been trying to identify was right in front of him all along — to become a coach. “I could feel my career goals, aspirations and mission falling into alignment with my true purpose, vision and values.” Dirk said. “After months of soul-searching I had finally arrived at a moment of absolute clarity.”

Steve supported Dirk’s dream, and after extensive training and coaching with the ILEC team, Dirk achieved his goal and became an ILEC coach. “If coaching fellow leaders on a journey of self-discovery to reveal their inner core strengths as well as potentially self-limiting beliefs, and using that knowledge to develop a powerful plan to ignite their passion and unleash their full outer core potential appeals to you — I invite you to explore ILEC!” Dirk said.

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