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Consider Executive Leadership Coaching on World Health Day

This World Health Day, take a moment to check in with yourself. Over the course of the last year, many people put their heads down and simply focused on surviving rather than thriving. But as we move toward resuming our normal lives, it may be time to re-evaluate your life situation, including your current career path: That job that didn’t make you happy before the pandemic began probably won’t make you happy now. 

Polls show that 85% of people are unhappy in their jobs, and that unhappiness and stress can have some unfortunate consequences to your overall health, including weight gain, minor illnesses and more major ones, such as heart disease, and mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. 

Grappling with such conditions makes it hard to live your ideal life, so if your job has become nothing but a stressor and a paycheck, consider a career move. Why not move into  a career that is rewarding, meaningful, and allows you to reach your financial goals and control your work schedule? 

That is exactly what owning an Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching® (ILEC) franchise does for our executive leadership coaches. Franchising with ILEC is a great opportunity for people who are looking to enjoy their careers by using their own experience in leadership positions to help others become better leaders and people. 

You’ll find no added stress throughout the onboarding and training process, either — ILEC has advisors and support available every step of the way to make sure you have the knowledge and knowhow to be successful. This includes an initial 10-day immersion program, a 24-hour virtual learning center, and quarterly calls with a strategic marketing and sales advisor well after your official training is complete. Our ILEC Franchisee Success Blueprint also provides our executive leadership coaches with additional support behind the scenes, with important aspects such as customer relationship management software, website creation, and social media support taken care of so you don’t have to worry about it.  

And perhaps one of the greatest perks of working with ILEC is that we’re a 100% virtual business — we always have been and always will be. That means no stressful, long commutes to the office, and no office rentals to tie you down; you can work where you want and when you went, and most importantly, you can live the life you want!

We’re looking for successful, experienced leaders who are passionate about helping others and ready to move into a future of fulfillment and freedom with executive leadership coaching. Does that sound like you? 

Learn more about the ILEC franchising opportunity and how you can run your own leadership executive coaching business.

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