Couples in Coaching: Meet ILEC® Franchisees John and Kristi Hope

John and Kristi Hope are as passionate about their careers as they are about each other. John has had a prestigious career in the Army, where he retired as a Colonel, and Kristi held a variety of roles in the defense industry before the two decided to make the pivot to owning their own business — together. 

John and Kristi Hope

“We are so well suited to working together, we complement each other,” said Kristi. “My strengths might be his weaknesses, or vice versa. We’re both very strategic, both problem solvers, both engineers, and we both have a passion for coaching.”

John and Kristi met when they were connected for a work project. “We met and it was all over for me,” John said. “It was professional for about two weeks and then we went on a Friday night date, and then it was really all over.” 

John was deployed to Afghanistan almost immediately after the two were married — the couple ultimately spent half their marriage apart due to John’s many deployments in the military. They decided to start their own business with Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching® (ILEC) because it allowed them to spend time together and gave John the same level of fulfillment that he felt when he served his country. As coaches with ILEC, John and Kristi get to choose their own schedules and where they work from, meaning they spend their days working together rather than countries apart. 

The couple has plenty of personal experiences to pull from as they work with their clients using the ILEC methodology. Each of them has had wonderful experiences with their own leaders acting as coaches in the past, as well as some “truly toxic ones” throughout their multifaceted careers. 

“We’ve both had great leaders and we’ve both had horrible leaders,” Kristi said. “We want to bring the world a whole lot more great leaders.” ILEC provides them with an opportunity to share their experiences and the knowledge that has been passed down to them throughout their own successful careers.

This husband-and-wife duo is only just getting started. Though their business “Leading with Hope” officially launched in January, they plan to add coaches from across the country, and they are bringing on their first addition in February. 

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