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ILEC Franchise Success Stories

Dirk W. van der Vaart had his own extensive and storied career before he became an Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach® (ILEC). He has 30 years of experience in the defense and security industry, and has worked on overseas projects in 22 countries. After a long and successful career, Dirk was ready to make the transition to living out his own entrepreneurial dream as an executive coach while helping others meet their own goals. 

“ILEC’s vision and principles are very closely aligned with my own,” Dirk said, “and the time was right for me to start building something of my own.” Dirk’s greatest goals as an executive coach are to help small to mid-sized business executives become the best leaders they can be, as well as to “help executives align their true purpose with their innate inner strengths and reach heights they had not thought possible.” He has plenty of experience and wisdom to call upon to make this happen — Dirk once took a small start-up company from 12 employees and $2 million in revenue to nearly 1000 employees and $80 million in revenue in just under two years. And he knows what skills brought him such incredible success — Dirk says the three attributes that are most important as a coach and a leader are the ability to listen with intent to understand, the ability to communicate a vision and goals in a way that makes sense and motivates others, and an ensuring passion for servant leadership. 

It is these skills, along with Dirk’s incredible ambition and commitment, that make Dirk such a fantastic executive coach. 

We’re looking for successful, experienced coaches who are passionate about helping others and filled with patience, presence, and confidence, just like Dirk. Does that sound like you? 

Learn more about the ILEC franchising opportunity and how you can run your own leadership executive coaching business.

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