Franchising with Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching® – Your Questions, Answered

Systemic shifts unfolding in the workplace call for effective leadership, and that’s where Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching® (ILEC) delivers. As a franchisee with ILEC, you coach leaders, future leaders and organizations to help them achieve their greatest potential. We offer an exciting, virtual franchise opportunity for individuals to make a career transition to leadership executive coaching, start a new chapter in their professional lives, and take control over when they work, how they work and where they work. Given the attractiveness of the business model, ILEC is in an explosive growth phase – we’ve added four new franchisees in recent weeks and expect several more through the end of the year!

So, you might be wondering, what’s in store for you as an Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach with ILEC? Here are a few frequently asked questions to consider:

How competitive is the field of leadership executive coaching?

The leadership executive coaching industry reached a market estimation of $11.6 billion in the United States alone. Such a thriving proposition attracts many coaches to the field, but ILEC franchisees are trained to deliver stellar results through our tried-and-true processes. As an ILEC franchisee, you’re backed by an established brand – ILEC is the only leadership executive coaching franchise of its kind, supported by a 10-year proven system and 36 years of franchising experience. Easily reproducible formulas, marketing support and more distinguish ILEC from the pack, helping you focus on your clients and profit from a booming industry. 

How do I find clients?

You will receive a custom-built microsite and digital marketing support to drive prospects. You will also be trained on leveraging your circle of influence and working the internationally reputable ILEC brand to your advantage. Our business development coaches work with you to develop a business growth plan that is customized to you and positions you as a coach that leaders and emerging leaders want to work with.

Why choose ILEC?

Brand recognition. Established processes and support. Proven coaching methodology. High ROI. Yes, you can go at any business alone, but you’ll be reinventing the wheel that we’ve established for years. The ILEC team already understands what it takes to succeed in leadership executive coaching, so you’ll use your talents where they can make a difference. Our unique coaching methodology equips you with a proven system to empower leaders and future leaders to unleash their full potential. And, with a turnkey business model, you can launch business as soon as you’re ready to go. Don’t take our word for it, see what ILEC coach Dirk van der Vaart had to say:

What does franchisee support look like?

ILEC franchisees receive training and support as soon as they sign the dotted line. You start working with your performance and business development coach in the onboarding and pre-training, followed by intensive 10-day training, complemented by virtual training as well. The support doesn’t stop there – you continue to work with your performance and business development coaches after the 10-day training, participate in monthly calls with other ILEC franchisees, and an annual conference and a 24-hour virtual training center give you every asset you need to succeed.

Can I coach on my own or do I need to hire additional talent?

The ILEC franchise opportunity you want to craft is entirely up to you! A single license gets you on the road to coaching right away, and you can certainly add on support at the business development and administrative level. As your business expands, you can also explore a multi-unit license and hire more talent to avail new opportunities and support your coaches.

The leadership executive coaching industry is ripe for skilled entrepreneurs who can pay it forward and help one leader, one organization at a time. There’s no better time than now to join the ILEC franchise family.

Learn more about the ILEC franchising opportunity and how you can run your own leadership executive coaching business.

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