How the Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching Corporate Team Sets Franchisees up for Success

With more than 115 combined years in executive leadership coaching, marketing and franchising, the ILEC executive team gives franchisees the training and support they need to succeed.



Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching (ILEC), the brand whose mission is to build better leaders globally through one-on-one executive coaching, is positioning itself as the world’s premier executive coaching franchise, and it’s doing so by giving its coaches unparalleled training and support.

“Our coaches are special people,” said ILEC Co-Founder and CEO John Mattone. “These are talented leaders that come out of the executive world. They have the experience. They’ve got the pedigree. And I’ve always felt that with the authenticity and credibility they bring to the table, if we can teach them how to become executive coaches, they can make a real difference in the world.”

Mattone developed his proprietary Intelligent Leadership® philosophy — the foundation of ILEC — in 2010. After helping thousands of executives and businesses worldwide transform their leaders and cultures, he joined forces with franchising expert Terry Powell in 2019. Alongside Powell and his nearly 40 years of franchising success, Mattone’s goal was to develop a network of coaches who could impact leaders globally.

“People all over the world were telling John to franchise ILEC,” said Powell. “It’s a perfect model for that. So we put together a plan that would allow us to roll out a franchise offering in the U.S. and we tested it with franchisees. ILEC is a much-needed service — a great system with great tools and great resources. Bring that together with my expertise in franchising models and expanding them, and it’s a marriage made in heaven to support franchisees.”

Since launching the franchise offering in April 2020, ILEC has brought on 15 franchisees as executives coaches and, two years later, is still growing.

“John had this philosophy that he had used for over a decade to empower executives and organizations to drive better leadership performance and organizational culture,” said Trevor Maloney, Growth Strategist at ILEC who has been with John Mattone Global, Inc. since before ILEC was formed. “Then we got to a place where he wanted to use that same philosophy to empower aspiring coaches and leaders so we could collectively have a greater impact on the world.”

In just two years, ILEC has put together a stellar executive leadership team to help not only grow the business by adding new franchisees, but to build up individual coaches into trusted guides who can get the most out of the leaders they coach.

“This ILEC leadership team is very comparable to other teams I’ve been on with more seasoned brands,” said ILEC Franchise Business Owner Coach Pete Kusiak, who has worked for multiple brands in his 20 years in franchising. “We’re just two years in — still an emerging brand — but the training tools and systems we’ve created are as mature as any you’d find from a much more established brand. That’s a big differentiator for us, and it’s a testament to John and Terry and the team they’ve assembled.”

One of the executive team members responsible for some of ILEC’s elite training tools and systems is Sheri Winesett, who joined ILEC at its inception as a Strategic Brand Champion.

Winesett began her career as a lobbyist in Washington, D.C. before becoming a franchisee and Master Licensee with a business coaching franchise in 2005. Over time, she began to gravitate toward leadership executive coaching, so she got certified and started her own leadership coaching business, which she ran for five years before Mattone and Powell discovered her. With her experience starting companies and scaling businesses and with her understanding of the leadership coaching industry, she was a perfect fit to help bring ILEC to market. Winesett has since helped scale ILEC to 15 coaches while leading in the integration of development, training and operations to support franchisees.

“The coaching is the fun part,” said Winesett. “But it’s the franchise system we’ve built that gives our coaches everything they need to effectively build their business so they’re not starting from scratch. It’s about setting everyone up for success, because we’re not successful as a company unless our franchisees are successful.”

When it comes to franchisees, ILEC provides unparalleled training and support. Knowing that many of its coaches come from the corporate world and are first-time business owners, the brand provides a simple business model with all marketing collateral, marketing strategy, branding and national public-relations opportunities a coach needs to market and grow their business.

“We have a full marketing playbook,” said Stefania Forbes, ILEC’s Marketing Strategist with 25 years of marketing and franchising experience. “It’s a way to support and inspire our coaches. A lot of our marketing takes place on the local level, but there are unlimited options on how to market your business nowadays. So we recommend best practices on how to build their businesses so they’re using methods that are going to be effective for their unique goals.”

Franchisee support doesn’t stop with marketing. On top of thorough training and education in Mattone’s proven and proprietary Intelligent Leadership® philosophy, ILEC also helps franchisees create a business development plan and assists with initial outreach to build a network of prospects.

There’s a five-day certification training to start, followed by a 90-day startup window in which they work weekly with a franchise business coach to keep them on track. After 90 days, the brand will do a full audit of the franchisee’s business to identify strengths and areas for improvement, giving its coaches a custom roadmap to success.

“We have the systems and the support to get you to where you want to go, no matter what it is,” said Forbes. “Franchisees set their own individual goals and we work backward from there, which is really powerful.”

One of the key areas in which ILEC coaches help leaders globally is by identifying the right culture that fits the goals they’re looking to achieve. That starts with the ILEC culture itself. At ILEC, it’s very much a collaborative philosophy where the executive leadership team is consistently listening to franchisees and adapting to give them the tools they need to succeed. It’s a culture of improvement, development and growth, as each coach understands the importance of education in both becoming more adept in coaching and more effective in growing their business.

But more than anything — because the franchisees and the leaders they coach are everything — it’s a culture of impact.

“I’ve coached my own clients,” said Maloney. “I’ve spoken on stage. I’ve inspired people. I’ve worked one-on-one with leaders to help them get the most out of themselves and their teams. Now I’m able to empower ILEC coaches to do the same — to fulfill their dreams and inspire others. It’s what I love to do. The fact that I get to help them make a real impact in the world is the icing on the cake.”

Franchise opportunities range from $113,340 to $124,090 to become an Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching coach. To learn more about franchising with ILEC, visit

About Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching (ILEC)

Established in 2010, Co-Founder John Mattone is globally recognized as the world’s #1 authority on Intelligent Leadership (IL), the world’s top executive coach, and the pioneer of the unique, powerful and game-changing Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching® blueprint for success. Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching® (ILEC) is the world’s top executive coaching franchise backed by co-founders Terry Powell’s nearly 40 years of franchising success. ILEC leadership executive coaches are dedicated to growing leaders, building cultures, and driving results. The ILEC unique coaching methodology provides a proven philosophy, system and tools to empower leaders and future leaders to unlock and unleash leadership potential. ILEC clients benefit from a high ROI that delivers real results.

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