ILEC Leaders Share Vision for Widespread Franchise Growth

With 15 active coaches and a goal of reaching 80 by the end of 2023, Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching is poised to become the go-to name in executive coaching.

When John Mattone joined forces with Terry Powell in 2019 to create Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching (ILEC), the goal was to build better leaders globally and to change the world one leader, one coach at a time. With Mattone’s proven and proprietary Intelligent Leadership® philosophy and Powell’s nearly 40 years of franchising success, the partners created a revolutionary franchise offering that fills a massive gap in the global franchise coaching industry.

Today, already with 15 executive coaches since launching its franchise concept in April 2020, the wheels to realizing Mattone’s vision of building the world’s greatest network of leadership coaches are in motion, with no signs of slowing.

“When I first reached out to Terry about starting Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching, it wasn’t about the money at all,” said Mattone. “It was more about, ‘How can we take this leadership philosophy and bring it to as many people as possible? What can we do to touch hearts, minds and souls all over the world?”

Since developing the Intelligent Leadership® philosophy — the foundation of ILEC — in 2010, Mattone has helped thousands of executives and businesses worldwide transform their leaders and cultures. ILEC has allowed Mattone to positively impact even more leaders globally, and as the brand continues to grow and it onboards more coaches, that impact, too, will grow.

‘[John Mattone] wants to change the world,” said Sheri Winesett, Strategic Brand Champion and Integrator at ILEC. “A lot of people ask him why he didn’t do this alone — ‘Why teach your system to franchisees instead of doing it on your own?’ And the answer is that franchising was the way to scale it, and that’s how he could reach the most people and impact the most leaders.”

Winesett also said that the brand’s vision is to reach 40 active coaches by the end of 2022 and 80 by the end of 2023.

“We’re the only one right now in the industry that’s doing what we do,” said Winesett. “There are leadership training franchises, but they’re not doing what we do. They train leaders and ’ we coach leaders to become the best they can be to optimize performance in organizations.  Training is very transactional.  Coaching is a relationship built on trust.  Our coaches empower their clients to be great leaders and we do it by producing results that last a lifetime.

ILEC franchisees are mostly former executives and senior leaders who have either been a part of the “Great Resignation” or who have been replaced as companies bring in younger, less expensive talent in the wake of the pandemic — experienced leaders who are transitioning out of a job or career, but who are not ready to retire. It’s this demographic that’s uniquely positioned to educate and coach both emerging and established leaders and businesses, while simultaneously advancing ILEC’s vision.

“Our vision is simple,” said Mattone, “to help as many leaders as we can become the leaders that they must be. We must become these leaders among leaders. That’s how we’ll change the world — through leadership.”

Franchise opportunities range from $113,340 to $124,090 to become an Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching coach. To learn more about franchising with ILEC, visit

About Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching (ILEC)
Established in 2010, Co-Founder John Mattone is globally recognized as the world’s #1 authority on Intelligent Leadership (IL), the world’s top executive coach, and the pioneer of the unique, powerful and game-changing Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching® blueprint for success. Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching® (ILEC) is the world’s top executive coaching franchise backed by co-founders Terry Powell’s nearly 40 years of franchising success. ILEC leadership executive coaches are dedicated to growing leaders, building cultures, and driving results. The ILEC unique coaching methodology provides a proven philosophy, system and tools to empower leaders and future leaders to unlock and unleash leadership potential. ILEC clients benefit from a high ROI that delivers real results.

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