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Looking for a Career Change? Here’s 5 Signs You’re Ready to Move On

The past year has given many of us time to evaluate what is really important to us and what we truly want out of life. For some people, that means they are finding themselves looking for a career change. 

Unsure if you’re ready to jump ship and move in a different direction with your career? Read on to find out if you have the symptoms of someone who is truly looking for a new career.

1. You’re bored at work 

Heading to work used to fill you with excitement and passion, but lately it’s become more about checking boxes and bringing home a paycheck than bringing any fulfillment or sense of purpose to your life. You might find yourself tuning out in meetings or scrolling through social media rather than digging into projects that would have once excited you. If projects that fill you with excitement have become few and far between and you find yourself scrolling that LinkedIn job board more and more, it may be time to seriously consider changing careers. 

2. You aren’t advancing in your career and/or finances

The frequency of promotions may vary from company to company and industry to industry, but when you’re at a point where you feel like you’ve plateaued, it’s time to consider other career options. Plateauing can happen in a few different ways, including the examples below: 

  • You’ve advanced as far as you can go within your department or company. 
  • Your boss has been hinting at a promotion for months—maybe even years—with no real signs of an offer in sight. 
  • You’ve worked hard to get noticed for higher opportunities, but nothing you do seems to make a difference.

Likewise, if your paycheck has fallen stagnant with no opportunities for growth, it may be time to officially start looking for a career change. 

3. You’re not utilizing all of your skills 

Over the course of your career you’ve built up a variety of skills, from those practical, hands-on skills you need to do your job, to the skills and experiences that make you a good leader or manager. If you’ve spent the time building up those skills, you deserve to be using them. If your company isn’t giving you the opportunity, they may not be the company you want to continue to grow with. 

4. You don’t have work-life balance

The idea of working to live instead of living to work is more popular than it’s ever been, with 72% of U.S. employees considering it very important when choosing a job—at the same time, more than three quarters of the working American population says they are experiencing burnout at work. 

After the COVID-19 pandemic hit the states, many companies became more flexible with their work from home practices, flex hours, and similar policies. If there’s a specific accommodation you’re looking for that will make you feel like you’ve mastered work-life balance and your own organization isn’t budging on it, odds are there is another company that has implemented that strategy and found a way to thrive. 

5. You’re not living up to your potential 

Beyond simply using the skills you’ve worked hard to gain over the course of your career and reaching the financial goals you’re aiming to achieve, it’s important that you feel you’re living up to the full potential of what you want to accomplish in your career—and what you want to help others accomplish, too. 

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