Match Made In Franchising Heaven: The Launch of the ILEC Franchise

In the wake of digital transformation, today’s companies are going through immense change. Combined with the shift in generations at the helm, millennials taking over positions of retiring boomers, effective leadership is in demand more than ever. In fact, there is a gap in leadership development that is costing U.S. corporations up to $550 billion annually. Strong, impartial executive leadership coaching can help close this gap.

World-renowned business leader John Mattone and seasoned career ownership coach and franchising legend Terry Powell recognized the gap and partnered to offer leadership coaching services that would grow leaders, build cultures and drive results.  

Together, they have launched a dynamite franchising model for executive leadership coaching: Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching (ILEC).

Now is the time to start an ILEC franchise. Since shifting our franchise growth initiative into high gear earlier this fall, there has been a remarkable amount of interest generated in joining our compelling concept. In fact, within the last 30 days alone, we have onboarded two new ILEC offices and the mounting interest means acting now offers a deep first-to-market advantage.  

Experienced leaders who are looking for the “next chapter” in their professional life and understand the challenges management faces make great ILEC franchisees. Our Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaches possess a big vision and passion for selflessly helping leaders and organizations get better. They are resilient, patient, present and have excellent communication skills. Overall, they are diligent in launching and running their business, driven by an entrepreneurial mindset. 

Beyond a strong understanding of business strategies, ILEC franchisees are supported by the expertise of an experienced team that John and Terry formed with extensive franchising and executive leadership coaching experience. ILEC is backed by decades of coaching success which are translated into easily replicable templates and coaching guidelines that franchisees can implement with businesses of all sizes. Franchisees enjoy low overheads and can work virtually. As ILEC expands strategically across North America, new franchisees can hit the ground running.

The world of business is always changing (John and Terry recently spoke to franchise brands navigating these uncharted waters in the September issue of Franchising USA). Whether it’s the COVID-19 pandemic today, the implementation of artificial intelligence tomorrow or yet another reboot in our economy, strong leadership is key. The market demand is high, and ILEC franchisees can help organizations sustain and grow by developing leaders, helping them see their blind spots and building cultures that drive results.

Learn more about the ILEC franchising opportunity and the demand for executive business coaching.

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