Answers to Common
Questions About the
ILEC Franchise Opportunity.

We know you have lots of questions about us, our coaches and our executive coaching philosophy, process and tools. We cover it all right here!

It is the only executive coaching franchise of its kind backed by a 10-year proven system and 36 years of franchising experience. If you are a successful, experienced leader who is looking for the “Next Chapter” in your professional life who has 10+ years of middle to senior executive experience, enjoys helping others become better leaders and people, and enjoys helping others remove the inner barriers that are holding them back from realizing their potential then our turn-key franchise may be the right fit for you!

Yes, there are lots of other individuals who call themselves coaches including executive coaches. The difference between being on your own and being with ILEC is our trademark. Our franchise offers you an established brand, a coaching system, marketing support, and certified coaching credentials so you can focus on coaching your clients.

ILEC franchisees enjoy the benefits of the support of an experienced team that is dedicated to helping our franchisees jump start, accelerate, and sustain their ILEC business. We provide world class onboarding, training, and support. We begin your pre-training right away to ensure a quick start. You then attend a 10-day onsite training to teach you the coaching system and earn your executive coaching certification for successful deployment. You have access to monthly calls with experienced coaches who pioneered the coaching system who will teach you how to leverage the system to help you get the highest ROI possible in your franchise and access to a 24-hour virtual learning center. It doesn’t stop there! We host an annual conference for continued learning and growth.

In addition to our custom ILEC website you will have a micro-site that we’ll build and develop for you, we’ll teach you how to attract clients through digital marketing efforts and strategic alliance partnerships utilizing a robust CRM software and a back office full of branded marketing content to reach your target audience. We have a brand building initiative to create brand awareness and you will benefit from the SEO and activity from the brand recognition in both national and local markets. You will also be coached on how to leverage your circle of influence, the ILEC world recognized brand and how to become a recognized leadership executive coach in your local market.

ILEC is a virtual business and your franchise territory is not for a specific location; however, your physical location must be within your base state. You may leverage your circle of influence and market to and accept clients outside your base state; however, you may not participate in pro-active in-person marketing activities outside of your base state without prior approval.  We generally will not place more than one ILEC Business per 250,000 population.

It depends on your efforts, how many clients you have and the services you provide. You can start charging for 3-12-month coaching engagements once you complete your training.  You can also offer your clients game changing workshops, retreats, and proprietary ILEC online leadership programs.

ILEC is a low investment franchise with a high ROI backed by recognized brand leaders and offers unparalleled training and support.  The estimated initial investment is $113,340 – $124,090. This includes your franchise, training and marketing fees. As you learn more, our franchise disclosure document will break down the detail of the investment.

Our brand differentiators are unlike anything else in coaching today.  The ILEC unique coaching methodology provides franchisees with a proven system to empower leaders and future leaders to unlock and unleash their potential.   ILEC clients will benefit from a high ROI designed to drive real results. Upon completion of the ILEC training, franchisees will be prepared and confident to deliver the proprietary ILEC coaching experience. The ILEC franchise is a turnkey business with an established brand that can be launched day one without having to develop the systems that you need to attract and coach your clients. It takes more time for an individual business owner to establish themselves with the same brand recognition as an existing franchise system.

You can do either! A single license franchise allows one person to be certified as an ILEC coach. Under a single license you can bring in support to help with business development and administrative task. However, if you want to expand your coaching business you can explore a multi-unit license. As a multi-unit you can also build a support team to provide business development and administrative support to your coaches.

Consider this: a Gallup poll found only 18 percent of managers demonstrate a talent for managing and mentoring others – which means 82 percent of managers are not adept at leading people. This lack of leadership costs United States corporations up to $550 billion annually. This is where ILEC comes into play.  This shocking gap in leadership development and demand for leadership coaching makes ILEC an excellent franchise for those who enjoy helping others succeed.