Riding America’s Rebound

The past year has been anything but easy. Aside from the day-to-day struggles that come from living in a global pandemic, unemployment hit highs that have not been seen since the 1940s, leaving millions of Americans out of work. The business landscape has changed forever — as have the goals of many professionals who used their time in lockdown to re-evaluate their career paths. 

For many, leaving their fates in someone else’s hands is no longer an option. 2020 showed everyone just how vulnerable jobs may be in a time of crisis, and why the best route might be to take control once and for all.

Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching® (ILEC) provides an excellent opportunity for would-be business owners to do just that. ILEC coaches get to make their own schedules and have flexibility that just isn’t found in corporate America, plus incredible support from our founders to help them on their path to success and financial freedom. These resources include quarterly strategy calls, a 24-hour virtual learning center and many other tools to help our coaches along on their journeys. 

The time has never been better to join ILEC, as we have more clients reaching out to our coaches than ever before. Employees are feeling burned out and disconnected at higher rates than we’ve seen in the past due to working remotely without the proper tools or connection to their colleagues. Organizations and leaders are jumping at the chance to improve morale and transform their company cultures to get them through these difficult times. 

We’re looking for successful, experienced coaches who are passionate about helping others and filled with patience, presence and confidence. Does that sound like you? 

Learn more about the ILEC franchising opportunity and how you can run your own leadership executive coaching business.

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