Our Story

Opportunity to live your entrepreneurial dream while offering the world’s
best services that grow leaders, build cultures and drive results.

Since re-launching his business in 2011, John Mattone’s passion and vision has been to Change the World One Leader, One Coach at a Time. It is in this spirit that he created his proprietary Intelligent Leadership® philosophy, process, and unique content to help global executive coaches make a real difference in solving the global leadership problem—developing stronger leaders at all levels, accelerating the development of high potentials and millennial emerging leaders, and helping organizations build and sustain strong cultures. These are the keys to every organization achieving and sustaining success.

In February 2019, when John decided he was ready to franchise his proven concept, he reached out to Terry Powell, the visionary founder of Franchise Source Brands International and The Entrepreneur’s Source who has 36 years of franchising and coaching experience. They were quickly aligned on the value of creating a revolutionary franchise offering that would simultaneously fill a massive gap in the global franchise coaching industry while allowing the ILEC brand to achieve its vision.

In March 2019, John started working with Terry Powell and his team to create the architecture and comprehensive detail needed to bring their dream to reality. One year later, they officially launched their revolutionary leadership coaching and development franchise offering, Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching—Pioneered by John Mattone (ILEC). Franchises are being awarded initially in the United States and Canada—with ambitious plans for international expansion beginning in 2021.

So, anyone who is an ILEC coach gets the benefit of being on the leading edge of the leadership executive coaching industry, armed with a proven coaching system while being part of an emerging franchise with the backing of a mature franchise organization. It is a powerful combination.