A Message From Our Co-founders

A Word from ILEC Co-Founder
John Mattone

“I see ILEC as filling a massive void in the world of executive coach franchising. Most business coach franchises tend to dabble in leadership and executive coaching and frankly they lack the depth, authority and pedigree required to be successful in positioning, selling and delivering world-class executive coaching that sophisticated clients demand in today’s world. ILEC will provide massive opportunities to experienced leaders looking to leave the corporate world and pursue the next exciting phase of their life and careers. Upon being awarded an ILEC franchise, they will learn and apply the ILEC philosophy, process, content and tools they will need to help solve the global leadership problem—which includes developing stronger leaders, accelerating the development of high potentials and millennial emerging leaders, and helping organizations build and sustain strong cultures. These are the keys to every organization becoming successful.”

A Word from ILEC Co-Founder
Terry Powell

“Experienced leaders are leaving companies at an ever increasing rate. The younger leaders replacing them may have the skills to do the job, but lack knowledge on how to inspire and motivate the team they suddenly have looking to them for leadership. We are committed to the development and advancement of our franchisees. The dedication we have shown to our clients for the last 36 years in the franchising industry is the same we show our franchisees as they pursue their own dreams of owning their own business and helping others become better leaders. We are looking forward to doing the same for you.”