Challenges/Problems Impacting Leaders

There is a gap in leadership development that is costing United States corporations up to
$550 billion annually.
Demographics and Business Disruption – The Result: Experienced Leaders Impacted
This is pushing many executives to look differently at their careers and job market and to consider making a change that allows them to act-on and live their dream of being an entrepreneur doing the work they have always wanted to do and love to do.

Challenges/Problems Impacting Organizations

Demographics and Business Disruption-
The Result: Organizations are Under-Performing and At-Risk
Challenge #1
Company Culture

Developing strong leadership, processing top talent and creating a culture that ignites focus and passion in leaders and employees.

Challenge #2

High failure rate of start-ups and established organizations (e.g. Enron, Nokia, Motorola, etc.), and those that are surviving are more vulnerable than ever.

Challenge #3

75% of business transformations flat-out fail, which means that these organizations eventually will not survive. The real culprit? A lack of leadership.

The State of Leadership and Culture in Organizations

of organizations measure engagement levels of their employees; however, only 15% measure culture and it is the strength and vibrancy of an organization’s culture that determines their engagement levels (Deloitte Research)
of Executives cite having a thin leadership pipeline as a top human capital risk (Mercer 2019 Global Talent Trends Study)
of Millennials are now in leadership positions, but most believe they are receiving little to no development in their roles (Deloitte 2017 Human Capital Trends Report).
of North American organizations rate leadership development as important or very important (Deloitte 2017 Human Capital Trends Report).