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Virtual Coaching = Freedom

This is the time of year we celebrate our country’s independence, and a lot of us spend time reflecting on our own freedoms, too. There’s certainly a lot to think about this year. Lockdowns are easing, cities are opening back up, remote workers are being called back to the office.

65% of those remote workers say they want to continue working remotely fulltime, 33% want a hybrid arrangement, and a whopping 58% of workers have said they would “absolutely” look for another job if their companies wouldn’t allow them to continue working remotely.

Workers are simply done working in situations that don’t have the flexibility that suits their lifestyle. This poses a challenge for companies: The vast majority of workers do not want to go back to the office fulltime, yet 83% of CEOs want and expect their employees back in the office. This leaves employees in a difficult situation — stay in a job that doesn’t allow them to live the life they want, or move on and strike out on their own in search for something better.

Working as an executive leadership coach with Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching® (ILEC) puts your life — and your personal freedom — back in your hands thanks to our virtual coaching model. You work from where you want, when you want. And since there are no virtual borders, the client pool is nearly limitless — you could work with a client in London in the morning, Chicago in the afternoon, and save the evenings for a hobby you love. It’s a perfect model for those who are looking to step away from the 9-5, spend more time with family, have the freedom to work while traveling and more.

We’ve just seen one of the greatest, quickest shifts in the workforce in recent history, and the time is ripe to take your career and professional freedom in your own hands. Take your passion and talent and make it work for you instead of someone else.

Learn more about the ILEC franchising opportunity and how you can run your own virtual coaching business.

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